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Are you ready to boost your career?

Would you like to work for a company that recognizes your individuality, passion, and gives you the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways from day one?

Join us now and boost your employability with an internship at one of the fastest growing music tech start-ups in Europe.

Our internship lasts for at least 6 months and is set up for 32-40 hours per week, but we are always happy to prolong your internship into a full time opportunity!


*       Working with external agencies including graphic design, PR and advertising;

*       Write blogs, handle our SEO/SEA, grow our reach on social media;

*       Building strong relationships with our growing number of clients all over Europe;

*       Doing brand business analysis and preparing reports;

*       Other ad-hoc administrative tasks.


*       Contract with fix salary and benefits;

*       Empowering professional experience;

*       International and flexible environment;

*       Potential career opportunities for the future.


*       Is looking for graduation internship;

*       Is fluent in English;

*       Is tech savvy and highly skilled with social media and online marketing

*       Is always seeking new and creative solutions to business problems;

*       Is highly motivated and open to an international environment;

*       Is reliable and open minded.


TRCKtrace is the gateway to help collect copyright earnings by screening social media and music platforms. We know where all live music events are being held and where music is being played. We monetize music with the help of these powerful tools; we help to generate money for music.

We can detect all music events in a territory, both live and recorded music events. If a music events is being announced online, we will find it and report it back with all relevant information. We monetize online music usage! We will track and identify even the smallest of music fragments on any given website. On YouTube, Soundcloud or any random company website. We have developed a highly effective system of detecting music usage on company websites. By tracking and identifying this music and the website owner, we help to monetize online music.

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