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Our Story

Let’s Change How We

Manage The Online

Music Business

If your music is out there, being played on the web or live on stage. We will trace & identify it and report it back with meta data to help you collect your right full earnings.

Know This First

Supercharge Your Online presence and get Noticed

You need to put your music online to be noticed but once it’s out there you lose control. We help to keep track of your music!



Our Specialties

We can track and recognize any form of music content, even the smallest fragments. Our crawler and fingerprint tool is right up there with the best in the business. This combined with our deep understanding of the music business gives us a competitive edge.

Innovative software

Our highly innovative software is able to track and trace any digital form of music. We grab the music file and will include meta data by use of fingerprinting. For matching purposes we have our own extensive database plus we are connected to all known global music databases.

Knowledge of music industry

Our team members all have an extensive experience in the music industry. This give us the in-depth knowledge required to come up with solution for the complex business of collecting copyright earnings.

Global Network

Through our years in the music industry we have built a vast global network of influential in the music and technology industry.

Multilingual solutions

Our tool is a turn key solution with multilingual options.

Way back when

We decided to focus on monetizing music

We started out by crawling and identifying music files on corporate websites. This usage was so widespread and uncovered by any publisher that we soon rolled out this service over much of Europe.

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